Unlock your business potential

Techsol Group helps achieve business potential through advising on the best processes and technology to support your team and business.

Techsol Group operates through a range of specialist subsidiaries to deliver high quality solutions designed to improve operational and strategic business performance through the effective use of technology.

A unique opportunity

The world of technology is vast, as is the range of solutions that are available. The marketplace is now flooded with generalist suppliers that do not have the depth of service offering or expert knowledge required to provide clients with real value for money and a return on their investment from their technology.
Techsol Group is different, we seek opportunities to support specialist companies that are focused on their products and solutions to ensure we offer a high quality of service and have a real depth of knowledge in our products and solutions so our customers can maximise their potential and achieve a cutting edge above their competitors.
Techsol Group was created to invest in expertise and help these companies achieve. We offer support, strategic direction and business acumen to create a unique opportunity for ideas to be nurtured through expert advice and a proven and successful business model from which to grow and develop.

Independent, yet united

Techsol Group currently consists of five specialist consultancies, Micross Logic, Micross Apps, Applied Business Solutions (UK), Amitech IT and Bit Systems; through which we deliver a wide range of business solutions, from full blown ERP systems, ePOS solutions, stock control solutions, to IT services and bespoke software solutions.
Each company has its own individual teams, specialist knowledge, accreditations, expertise and customer base but has the benefit of working closely together with the other group companies and their expert knowledge to integrate together to offer customers a complete business solution.

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How we shape our businesses

Techsol Group is governed by its core values, Integrity, Knowledge, Respect and Well-being. They shape our culture, define the character of our company and underpin how we behave, make decisions and how we interact with our colleagues, customers and business partners. We embed these values into our everyday practices to ensure each of our group companies have a consistently high quality delivery of service and add value in everything that they do.

Our Companies

Techsol Group operates through five specialised companies that integrate together to provide you with a unique experience.

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How we build our businesses


Having the right people in your team is key to business success, but identifying those people can be time consuming. Techsol Group support and guide our group companies to ensure they find the right people for their business.

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Creating and executing business processes is not an easy task. Our experience and knowledge helps our group companies build unique processes designed specifically for their business to best serve their customers.

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Technology can improve efficiency, enhance productivity and create an edge over your competitors. Techsol Group help our companies identify the most appropriate technologies for their business to improve their performance.