About Us

Techsol Group operates through a range of subsidiaries to deliver high quality solutions to help businesses improve their business performance through the effective use of technology

Techsol Group consists of five specialist consultancies. Each company has its own individual teams, knowledge and expertise and is focused on individual products and solutions to ensure we offer a high quality of service but also have the advantage of working and integrating together to provide customers with an unparalleled complete business solution.

Core Values


Techsol Group advocate transparency of information, with open advice and recommendation throughout. The company employs loyal people who place honesty and relationships before profit.


Improving knowledge and expertise is a key focus for our business. Our employees are resourceful professionals willing to share knowledge with clients and colleagues to deliver the right solutions.


Techsol Group thrive on long term solutions and establishing strong relationships with clients and colleagues. The belief of offering support and respect throughout the business has resulted in business success.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance to allow accommodation for family and friends, making work fun yet professional. This supportive environment is recognised throughout the Techsol Group.

Team Members

We believe that a company is only as strong as its parts and our employees are the key to our success.
We provide our team with the training and resources to create flexible, reliable solutions to solve your business issues, to make your business more efficient and more importantly, more profitable.

Gavin Morgan

Managing Director

Gavin is responsible for the strategic direction of Techsol Group and works closely with the directors to achieve business success. He ensures that the companies are updated with the latest technology expertise and deliver an effective service to clients.

Tom Widdows

Group Sales Director

Tom is responsible for sales and product delivery throughout the Techsol Group. Tom founded Bit Systems in the 1980’s as a generic IT provider and built it into an, award winning, Sage Strategic Partner Solutions company through to the merger with Micross in 2012.

Kath Williams

Technical Director

Kath joined Micross Apps in 1993 and has been heavily involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. From developing and supporting in-house applications, as well as business and technical analysis for a variety of in-house and ERP systems, Kath now leads a team of developers and manages the technical direction of Micross Apps.

Nick Williams


Nick is responsible for account management for Amitech IT, with over 15 years’ experience providing support, consultancy and technical solutions to businesses, his broad knowledge of technology has been invaluable in the winning and managing of complex accounts across a variety of sectors.

Rachel Hatton

Marketing and Communications Manager

Rachel joined the team in January 2008 and is responsible for the marketing functions for all The Group companies. Rachel is the key Group contact and ensures the smooth running of operations and communications.